Biggest Cleaning Beach Bali 2019

February 19, 2019

As many of us might know, plastic pollution is a major problem on our planet. The amount of plastic waste in the oceans is increasing all the time only 5% of the plastic we use is being recycled, the rest is single-use plastic such as food wrappers, straws, plastic bottles and plastic bags. Nearly half of the plastic we use floats and eventually ends up in the ocean gyres. This waste is extremely harmful or even deadly for the wildlife.

Last year Bali declared a ‘plastic emergency’ since the volume of plastic on the beaches was starting to affect the tourism. Luckily, the locals as well as tourists have been taking action in order to bring awareness of this problem to more people.

Beach is what Bali is famous for, the main attraction of the island unfortunately there are a many beaches left unwanted now becoming too touristy and dirty. Therefore we have to work together to keep Bali’s beach clean by doing beach clean in every beach periodically.

Situated a walk away to the famous and beautiful Dreamland beach Klapa resort carry out a frequent cleaning of beach done to preserve the natural environment and contribute to cleaning.
This is indeed the beginning of a big step of laying a foundation for creating clean and safe beaches for guests and promoting tourism in the country at large

Klapa Resort Contributed in the biggest cleaning beach of Bali 2019. Together with all team we participate to clean Dreamland beach. Program from One Island One Voice, brought back Bali’s Biggest Clean Up for a third year in a row. The event took place on the 16th of February 2019 all across the island, its beaches, rivers, streets, villages and cities. This year clean up action gathered 13,000 people in 150 locations and collected over 30 tons of plastic.

Step by step, we can all change the world


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